In the Spring of 2011, Rhizome Productions and Ride for Reading changed the way Nashville thought about craft beer festivals. The East Nashville Beer Festival raised the bar by showcasing the best Craft Beer from the growing industry and educating people about just how amazing hand-crafted beer is. We are very excited to celebrate our 10th year in 2020, which we are calling ENBF X!
Forget what the weatherman says, ENBF is the official start of Spring. East Park in the heart of East Nashville transforms into a beer lover’s paradise, showcasing 50+ local, regional and national craft breweries, a variety of international beers, and several guest breweries! Top it off with live music from talented local musicians, Nashville’s best food trucks, and charming local vendors. ENBF is the best way to celebrate the coming season of longer, warmer days.
ENBF contributes to the charitable efforts of Ride for Reading and their mission to provide age-appropriate books to children in poverty. Rhizome Productions is proud to support this life-changing work and to date has raised over $150,000 to support their mission.
Ride for Reading

Our Charitable Partner:
Ride for Reading

Mission: To help children in low-income areas become healthy and literate
Vision: A World Where Every Child is Healthy and Literate

Research Shows that only 1 in 300 children in poverty have age-appropriate books – it is our drive, our cause, to end that cycle.

Ride for Reading is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to promote literacy and healthy-living by collecting, then donating age-appropriate books via bicycle to children at Title 1 Schools or Community Centers in low-income communities, educating them on the importance of literacy, and a healthy-lifestyle, engaging the local community, cycling scene, teachers and members of the education system.

Since 2008, Ride for Reading has donated over 500,000 books, mobilized over 15,000 volunteers, and visited over 300 schools in over 50 cities nationwide. We believe that education is not only found within the four walls of a school building. Within the pages of a book, you can go anywhere, see anything, and experience everything. Every child deserves that despite economic status.

To learn more about Ride for Reading and our Volunteer Opportunities, visit our website at:

Your Host: Rhizome Productions

Rhizome Productions is an event production company based in Nashville, Tennessee. We conceive and produce craft beer, spirits, and food events. Additionally, we work with various groups and municipalities to develop and execute unique experiences with a focus on education and passion for community.

Leveraging our ties to the culinary, brewing, and hospitality industries, we bring aficionados closer to the masters of their craft. Our calendar features 16+ events per year in cities across the Southeast, including Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, New Orleans, and beyond.

All Rhizome productions are mutually beneficial, and since 2011 we have raised over $800,000 for local charities.